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If you think particle physics is strange, you haven't been to Sheavesville yet.      —David Voltaire.
  Sheavesville: With Every Secret ThingChapter One:  "Scared Out of Their Wits"
  Sheavesville: With Every Secret ThingPart 1: Chapters One through Ten                
  Editorial Injunction

The author has written Sheavesville—and some chapters are posted here—in quite obviously the same style that Margot Motherchurch wrote her great galactic novel, Vril, which, unfortunately has not been published on Planet Earth. Vril, however, may be found in numerous galactic libraries, provided one has access to ZPF-warp drive and an inter-galactic library card.

Basil Tuxaxle explained once at a writers' conference, held at an undisclosed location in Cassiopeia, that Vril evolved over a period of 25,000 years. Sheavesville, hopefully, will not take that long. We doubt the author could manage. Nevertheless, With Every Secret Thing, similar toVril, was written on the other side of a particular tesseract, and Part 2 has not yet bridged into a three-dimensional world as a result of the instability of this tesseract's time-space continuum.

Comments may be addressed to Basil Tuxaxle*, who has taken upon himself the organization and publication of the Variorum Sheavesville over the next two centuries, avoiding certain tesseracts. In accordance with the Style Manual [1492, 1776, 2003] of the International Society of Rabbits (SMISR)**, literati should hope contributors would make their comments pithy.

Thank you, and best regards to those who know who Aslan is.

Yours truly,

Chauncey Rabbit
*See GATE page.
**Copies of the SMISR are no longer available to humans, as translation has become a serious problem in the 21st Century, what with rap, hip-hop, and super-size-me flatulence in research facilities where everyone gossips about cows and methane [CR].
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