Chords from the Jovian Overthrow
Augmented: Discovery
Wicker chandeliers float across the ballroom.
Debutantes bounce in weighted raspberry slippers.
Buoyant steel-titanium girders tinkle in the air,
Thinner than the decibels of cascading zircons.
Emperors and daughters waltz in fading glass baubles.
Déclassé chariots stripped of homing devices
Trail jets of faint tricarboxylic in the wind.
The plutonium princess parades her paramour poof.
Foreign gold scents the brooks with kingly jades.
Leaded snowflake-windows open onto a platinum fray.
Crystal vestibules and cloud foyers trace prideful patterns posh.
Chariots jet down.   Private thrones ascend—balloon silently away.
Diminished: Secrecy
Wicker candelabra float above the dance floor,
Trailing trains of buoyant steel-titanium bubbles.
Fractal emeralds tinkle in the sapphire breeze.
Daughters step to fathers' clapping hands.
Duchy dowagers applaud with pompous praise.
The pinnacle prince glosses over transparencies.
Golden-scented purples and mystic kings dangle jadedly.
Velvet-bronze portals close on an ice-drenched oubliette.
Balmy sugared breezes impale patterns of porcelain props.
Bickering chandeliers warble space-floats crème-anisette.
Minor: Coup
The first earthquake swallowed up the ballroom floor.
Concomitant tornadoes drank up diamonds, gold, and blood.
Tsunami waves of flame and smoke swept acid-like within,
Shattered secure reception rooms clad in mirrored amethyst.
"One never sees it coming," he thought, and died.    Warriors scheming.
Warnings rebuffed, at their promised return, shredded the atmosphere
Like candied ribbons.    Ten thousand years of arrogant reign
Atomized away.   Glazed eyes and gaunt pistachios dreaming.     

Copyright © 1981, 2011 Robert E. Romanelli PhD