Light on Water Engraved in Quenya

Of the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe
she was fully aware
of the implications of uttering the words of command
she would be oath-bound
of Necessity's cajoling her to consider this her only option
she was not disgraced

In spite of the warnings
in spite of the broken and distanced pieces of lost crescendos
once the words were uttered
he would have to cooperate
and speak them together
with her

That was the power stroke
as he spoke the words in her hearing
Morbyx turning inside out
split in two

The utterance of ancient words
so sforzando so cataclysmic
in itself the broken and disenchanted pieces
of liquid light on piano cerulean water

And she was fully conscious
for that one dance alone
it was worth risking everything

Copyright 2012 Robert E. Romanelli