The snow pods blooming along the river bank
Are the night windows of my soul.
Through the portals of their opening petals
Shades of grace enter my heart.
When their fading blossoms close,
All horrors leave my spirit forever.

The river carries the snow pods
Down to the dunes at eventide.
They feed among salt flats and bitter earth.
Their crystals explode like sweets in the moonlight.



The snow pods swaying along the river bank
Succor my soul with the savor of spice.
Servants of saffron cradle my heart.
Sounds of their footsteps sing to the evening.
They lullaby deep battlefields to sleep.

Spores from the snow pods are wind borne
Up to the tops of the mountains.
Sowing their seeds, they jewel the forest.
Their leaves unfold like mossy sunspots.
The pungent air shouts joy and gladness.



The snow pods swooning beside the river
Are the dancing partners of my soul.
Through the mists that gather at their gateposts
I hear the singing of my heart.

The rains beat down upon the flowers,
And mirth bursts profusely from the pistils.


Copyright 2010 by Robert E. Romanelli