The Butterfly Effect


the butterfly effect has left us near
                                                        but far

                     it has left a scar        that healers

                                     cannot lift                      it has caused a drift in photons

                             circling our romance


       it did not enhance our tidal
                              pool of sea wings and sand rings

                                                 the butterfly effect has dropped
                            a tiny grain of time into our
              honey bowl


                                                    it has invaded our soul                and torn                asunder               our heartstring dreams

                            like thunder               


                            a sound so small when you were
              near to me

                             it was not even a touch of coolest breeze upon
              a fractal sea


       I hear my love the timbre
              fanned out between us
                                                         the butterfly effect


                                                              Copyright © 1989 by Robert E. Romanelli