Craig's Cross


Choreograph the matrices, and beauty crystallizes

At eye level, surfacing colloidal particulates

Of light, reflecting absolute truths

In a relative dimension of sight.

Vast vectors surprise us, capture our dreams

In richer arrays, absorb our reveries

By weighting every cell of every matrix

With paradigm prism days.

Explore these harmonies, the moving edge

Of a Neapolitan ninth, the dancing quarks

Falling out of sync in split-second links,

Shy, eluding codas, etude-like larks.

Choreograph the richer meanings, and beauty spills energized,

Enhanced above eye level, reflecting substance and form,

Restructuralizing space for sugarcoated

Time and naked singularities colliding in a race.



Amazed as we are at enrapturement and joy,

These polytonal chords forecast refracted delights,

Balancing integrations of spontaneous control

Far beyond understanding's expectations.

It is not for spatial happenstance that colors

Throw off their shackles, and rhythms transcend

All consciousness, at rest, or in song, to shuttle

Equilibriums back and forth among these orchestrations.

Oh, what a simple message love reticulates,

Planting words like truth and beauty in alien soils,

Reaping multimodal harvests within the ear, rhapsodized,

When the impingement of simultaneities replicates.

It is a warm and clear gift, unhurried, accelerando

Only by deepening faith in treasured symphonic grids,

Bounding outward again, singing, laughing, hugging

Appreciated arms around hurts shared in a sea of hope.



Grace brought her teddy bear to the meeting.

Craig wanted to hold it,

But could not reach out his hand

In front of the other men.

Tim saw the anguish in Craig's eyes,

And painted a Lamb for him in his mind.


Copyright 2005 by Robert E. Romanelli