Four Stanzas from the Active Nuclear Process Zone


Abandon not your quest for me!
Seek me in far ionic lands,
Hold your hyper-vision close to me,
Like zircons in my hands.

You wooed me with the tabaret.
You summoned me from Olivet.


I saw your face in the photons of the night
And traced your fractals in the ion trail of light
That veiled the dawning.  I sensed your mesons in the mists of
Morning, and drank your colors in the neutron clouds at eventide,
Cloaked in dark electrons like the leopard's hide.
You called to me from elemental flame, from a living fire
That summoned me by name!  And in the burning floods of deep
desire, my heart was yours to plunder or to hire.
No geometry beneath the sea could veil your dazzling face.
Wonder, warning winds, wandering lost in space!

Your cherubim are tabaret.
They carried me to Olivet.


And in my hyper-mesonic quest my heart enfolded all of you.
In the memories of the photons of the zircons in my tears.
In the ringing of the valence arcs singing in my ears.
In the visionary hope of you, stronger than my fears.
The triumph of your patience was measured not in years.

You were Zircon so I could be
A diamond roughly shod for thee.


The winds are sung like song when love is stronger than the
Mesons and the terror, the neutrons and the ghosts, the
Vast electron spheres that glide through spatial hosts. 

Sweet galaxy of hyper-paths across these photon skies,
Surrender to the Zircon King with fire in his eyes!



                                                      Copyright 2005 by Robert E. Romanelli