run on sentience in lower case centered

[For Mildred B. Orenstein]

Holt never had it so box cuttingly staged to be
back on the shelf for several sight rhymed days of
frost accents crystallizing the air and feet
propped up with mindset pushed back in the comfy
chair while the scrim of winter falls and the
sound of vers libre pours wonderment at faculty
tea to exchange our gifts of professional courtesy
and warm approbations by collegial minds revising
vacations or a poised lecturette pivoting on
romance at the turn of the stair O how your
article in PMLA lifted me where dreams perne
heavenward in poinsettia spirals more yeatsean
than wild swans at coole when will you speak about
your new short story in my literature class
contrapuntal to the cranberry stained glass where
golden leaded hopes sparkle like davidean stars
bright on a Hanukkah tree crowned with the hapax
legomenon of delight and fears fade across the
years of believing what a holiday this shall be
what festivity planning laughing imagining
of teachers taking time to say I care in a
thousand clever ways to loved ones neighbors
friends creative rememberings for joy bound
entourage sparkling eternally until school resumes

Copyright 2005 by Robert E. Romanelli