diapasons above the narthex
descend in elegance bending
to form the backward death spiral
  forsaking their loft in the choir
they serpentine down the iced nave
glazed with a freeze of gold crystals
  undulating toward the chancel where
a fiery portal now opens while the
blind deaf sexton is watching
  from the balcony over the narthex
invited by wonder and longing
hearing the colors singing
  when he sees the rhythms pulsing
along the frozen nave stones
toward the glowing chancel
  linking their blades together
like the golden shields of Levi
they cross the threshold forever
  seld shorn sheep he follows
unaware that his vision will open
on dreams mortal minds fail to grasp
  when tomorrow the clerics will speculate
on the stolen or raptured cathedral
in a world stupefied with learning
  only we will be knowledgeable
throwing off fear like a garment
that soon we too will pass over
  where the monstrance ran amok  
Copyright © 2004 by Robert E. Romanelli PhD