Barbie Doll lives next door,
But I don't see her anymore.

The big fine house in which she lives
Nothing takes and nothing gives.

The dweller now becomes content
To holiday sans merriment.

She doesn't laugh, she doesn't cry,
She needn't argue, think or lie.

If obligations walk her floor,
They keep no loyalties in store.

Her TV set is turned up loud
And blatantly blocks out the crowd.

She sails alone by distant shores.
Her raven quotes its Nevermores.

Husband left, children gone:
King, queen, knight, pawn . . .

It's all reduced to room and board.
What remains to love or hoard?

Barbie Doll lives next door.
No neighbors visit anymore.

  Copyright © 1986, 2005 by Robert E. Romanelli PhD