Do You Know Natalie Sleeth?      
For S.A.T.B. Voices and Keyboard
Go with the flow of the music,
        sing with your sling full of stars,
                prophecy pithy potentials,
                        bellowing bountiful bars.
  It will happen to all unexpectedly,
we know it will take us by storm,
you cannot escape it by running,
there's no way to make it change form.
MirrorMagic, mirrorLore
                        powerPortal, doubleDoor,
                                 Open, open, just once more.
  Diapason, comfort me.
Chiff, speak terror,
Glory returns unexpectedly,
with clouds He will flame like a storm,
you cannot escape Him by running,
there's no way to make Him change form.
    Diapason, tell the tale.
Chiff, speak Blood, and thorn,
And nail!
  Copyright © 1998, 2005 by Robert E. Romanelli PhD