On the other side of the Molten Mountains
Beyond the pale borders of the gray marsh
Deep craters surround the Shrouded Lake.
In the midst of the steaming waters,
Shot through with red reeds and swamp grass,
Dread Dark Island rises crag upon crag.
Nothing living walks its shadowed bleak dunes.
For thousands of years fear has stalked it shores.
Only the lone blasts of winter know its secrets.
The kiss of springtime never reaches its sands.
Thoughts of a summer's breeze never cross the icecaps.
Sentinels dark and drear forbid the trespass of hope.
Out of reach of all the living, the Lake and Island
Guard each other against the intrusion of life.
For the dark savage mountains on no map are charted.
But reflections in the icy surface of the Lake
Unveil the planet Morbyx, mother to this moon,
Around whom she circles eons out of time, veiled in mists.
Oh, hostile and cold is the moon circling Morbyx!
Oh, vaporous are the clouds enveloping this planet,
Cloaking its mysterious orb in darkness.
The blue binary star these two bodies share
Seems as frozen and silent, as separate as they.
Their motion in space signals no music.
Five other planets cross this estranged solar system,
Stretching three light-years from rim to rim,
Poised like a stranger severed from a galaxy.
Between that distant cluster of stars adrift in the emptiness
And our own explored regions known to the human race
Endless vast stretches of void shut seekers out.
No science can bridge the stillness of these plains.
Knowledge does not know how wide the desert is
That keeps the moon of Morbyx beyond all human reach.
Should imagination dare to seek the secret name
Of the solemn moon that shares no thoughts with space?
Should memory call forth names that are forbidden?
Like that of the adversary defeated in the sides of the North?
O, this gate was shut well—by the Angel of the Lord.
Sealed by eternal Powers until the end of time.
Copyright © 2003, 2005 by Robert E.Romanelli PhD