Images at an Inquisition
      Tempo Rubato

A quantum bridge in space resounds
opens onto a corridor in time
a window a film a canvas
history rappelling across a wall
then spiraling into another theater
vastly wide where the How and the Why
curved by mirrors that slither
toward the endless inside chamber
an Einstein-Rosen shawl thrown
over my shoulders like seamless starnets
Nabopollasar Nebuchadnezzar galleries,
Belteshazzar Darius Alexander rotundas
floating like a gorgon-cloud screech by
torqued and gliding like an endless deliberation
are the Worthies still alive, somewhere an axis spikes
within searching tides, pulsing quasar quarkish glints—
hear them walk beside the satraps, Daniel dreams
a space-time continuum echos
a reflection of Persian flowers
tunnels portents and bowers
the seamless blossom of hours
ricochets off ventricular walls
streaming into other stalls
where fiery Horsemen ride alive!
And the How and the Why beg to die
while the mobius strip dares to strive
within a door ajar where near is far
you Horsemen—Hananiah Mishael Azariah—
gallop at a clip like five
mene mene the words of dread
tekel upharsin the king is dead
mene mene the fingers of fear
tekel upharsin judgment is here
the bridge resonates today’s array
Media-Persia has gone astray.
        Copyright © 2007 by Robert E. Romanelli PhD