Attic Windows
If a priceless earthquake from Peru
suddenly sat next to you,
what would you do?
  It was the final act,
the very last scene,
when onto the stage
waltzed the drama queen;
her eye lashes batted tempo rubato--
but how will she exit stage left
with bravado?
Yakob counted the bones
in the ossuary
too many to string from a limb:
now Miriam was too weak to bear twins:
what sins had been hidden from him?
  The runner swept past a length of trees
beside a row of bushes at prayer on their knees,
while, lo, the iceberg followed behind
dangerous-close, brazenly blind.
O, the elms rustled all markers and signs,
counting the warnings and wrinkles in time,
but the hailstone hunted in merciless rhyme.
Teddy tossed a marble down the stairs.
It was dark and quiet at the bottom lair.
He ventured to search for the generous gem.
Teddy has never been seen again.
    If a naughty quagmire named Horus
Accosted you with a chorus,
would you strike a match?

             Would the basilisk hatch?

Copyright 2005 by Chauncey Rabbit