The Keats & Stevens Realty Limited

A star mirror opens outward,
planned for enrichment intentionally,
onto a field of refinement
visited only by gods.
No one knows why for certain--
at least not in this galaxy.

The Macros

Two plus two equals five,
Top-down colors
Programmed to fall through
At mist-tide.
Even, odd and enhanced--
Muted reeds under expression.

AGO Keyboard & Scroll Lock

Diapasons come and go,
Speaking of Freud and gigolo.

Frantic tendrils brush the floor,
Escapements creeping out the door.

Alternate control delete
Resets pistons bittersweet.

An unrhymed seventh line inserts . . .

Software Tools in  Renoir

Fire without, fire within,
subdirectories \bak and \bin
palette flesh tones, grace and sin.

A luncheon eye from the painting sweeps
Cursor-like o'er the gallery's deeps,
unaware that the sensor beeps.

Fire within, fire withal,
I hear the Zero Point Field will call,
while scrims before the image fall.

Copyright 1985 by Dr. Gunter Hare*

*I hate to go into it, but sometimes that naughty Chauncey Rabbit
also refers to himself as Dr. Gunter Hare. It's all very confusing.