I - Cherish Me Red (Allegro con brio)

mirrored monarchies monitor souls
gutted galaxies guillotine holes
beaten beasts belch and hide
windowed kaleidoscopes crash and glide
priestly paradigms portent pride
pitted pieties search inside
brittle babies bark and chide
bloodstains blanket surf and tide

promise me love and hope endures
kiss my lips and fire roars
grasp my look and spirit soars
bloom again on alien shores

II - Cherish Me Green (Andante con moto)

Margot Motherchurch walked home.
She looked hunchbacked like a gnome.
Her fingers were bent at tens and fives,
Her dimples were swollen like honeyed hives.

Basil Tuxaxle glanced at her breast.
His mercurial smirk was what she liked best.
Her persnicketiness tweaked his nose.
She allowed him to smooth her rose-colored hose.
There is nothing humorous at dawn.
There is nothing left when you are gone.
Cherish me green if you stay
Value both potter and clay.

III - Cherish Me White (Adagio)

Arpeggios are waterfalls,
  Trees at night,
   The underside of clouds
    Lighting the Louvre.
     An eyelash closing
      Dispatches delight.
       Nipples risking something cool
        Surface in the lotus pool.

Touch me.
Cherish me
Copyright © 1991, 2005 by Dr. Gunter Hare
*Note: This most disturbing verse by Dr. Gunter Hare (supposedly) was given to this Editor by the saucy Chauncey Rabbit, which throws our whole stewpot into gross turmoil, if you catch my drift. Who knows whose intentions? One can only assume that some disquieting bunny was eager to chop off the ears of a dear mysterious couple for no reason at all, other than to sabotage respect for their quantum achievements; after all, this Editor knows of nothing offensive—well not overly offensive—about either Margot or Basil. Indeed, they should not be painted in such torrid, or wanton, "strokes of the brush," if you will. Were it not for academic scholarship, the entire repugnant mess might have been expunged, to say the least.