Andante Cantabile


                        Into my arms she fell orapronobis like sand poured forth.
            Sand dollars balanced on her up-tilted orapronobis ripples.
                        Underwater seaweeds rubbed her orapronobis thighs.
Coral shells caught the orapronobis drops of oceanic passion.

            The graduating seminarians surrounded her alpha, beta,
                        Probed her gamma while delta shadows of epsilon bocce
            Balls zeta and horseshoes eta
Arced theta against the air.

                        Someone played a tune on a net strung iota, kappa,
            Across the rocks lambda, mu and badminton nu, xi,
                        Melodies omikron, pi and shuttlecocks,
Rho stood along the jetty sigma.

                        She slid out of her jeans tau, upsilon.
            Bells rang phi the string of her bikini.
                        And when she sifted the dunes of her biological clock,
My eyes reflected light-years in chi, psi, omega.

                                                Copyright 1989, 2005 by Dr. Gunter Hare

*Editor: The rumor is true. I did have to throttle Chauncey Rabbit to get permission to edit this "piece of work." Let me tell you . . . that bunny's a piece of work. I nearly killed him, but he finally relented, agreeing to explain to Gunter Hare that it was absolutely necessary for me to replace certain words with more appropriate words, if he expected me to allow Gunter's deranged poesy on this web site. It may become necessary one of these days to purchase a web site for Chancey and Gunter and migrate the full harey opus elsewhere. After all, one has to think of one's reputation—and the bunnies are certainly not thinking of mine. --RER