Tinderbox Taboos*
  Tenderness taboos are predestined to break,
Consumed in the fiery sanguine Lake.
  Arrogant and haughty they recant their ways
But come at last to the end of their days—
  The smug and the proud and all that profanes
Are trapped, are chained, in the brimstone rains.
  Sodden ash of tenderness taboo
Underfoot of the holy and true.
  Deceived were the hearts that refused to touch
That innocent plea, "I love you so much."
  Vain the attempts to reverse the grate—
The tinderbox souls have obliged, too late!
Copyright (c)1273, 2005 by Basil Tuxaxle
*Editor: Margot claims for Basil a very sad story regardng this verse; however, Basil has never mentioned anything that I know of to anyone about any personal tragic history behind these lines. Which is odd, because Basil relishes over-dramatizing his imagined hurts and feigned put-outs and is always happy to showcase his hubristic past [honestly, he could really get the Oscar for his handkerchief-wringing performances]; thus—as with Margot and Basil most of the time—one simply hasn't a clue what is going on . . . . [Oh, yes, Basil does claim to have written Taboo prior to 1273! But probably not in English. Our Taboo is a translation, perhaps from Quenya. Possibly French: it is interesting that the Latin word mare (“sea”) became mer in the langue d'oïl and mar in Provençal (consider the use of mar for both "abide" and "home" in Elvish and the connection in the mind of the Eldar between the sea and returning home). What this all has to do with Basil I haven't the foggiest.]