Matthew 20:20-28 & the Underground Saints*
  Voices ring like bells in China.
They speak for all the world.
They sing to all the world.
They shout history's story for planet earth.
  We are the people of the world, they chorus.
We have caught the vision in our hearts.
Every waking breath is a drum roll for triumph.
In our mind sound the horns of underground glory.
  Listen to us, you thrones and dominions,
Into our own hands we take back this planet.
We have heard the Spirit of our Creator singing with us,
"Take it back. It is yours. I gave it to you, forever."
  With dignity and hope we rescue our lovely globe.
Hear the righteous voices that cry aloud, that stake
Our claim for all that is rightfully ours,
For mercy and faith, for justice and joy.
  We are buying it back, the peace, the love.
Who has stolen happiness from us? We redeem it.
We plant our flag of freedom in earth's sweet soil.
Come, dance the needs and aspirations of all peoples!
  Listen, four corners of the earth. Listen.
This world belongs to us and we know it is ours.
In highest honor we shall rule our blood bought home,
This blessed sphere for the humble of the nations.
  We, the united peoples of the world, are far greater,
Far greater than the military dictatorships.
No vested authority shall subjugate us in this day.
No priestcraft, no ministergraft can oppress us evermore.
  Now do deaf ears turn against those blasphemous voices,
The hierarchy that tortured our children and our mothers,
Raped our sisters, drove our young men to unjust death.
Our brotherhood of trusted servants rejects vested authority!
  Only the people will rule in this day, O day of gladness,
Hasten the day, O peoples of the world, hasten it greatly!
Come into your own inheritance, you people of all nations.
Enjoy what is lawfully and rightfully yours.
  Take back for your families this gift sown in blood,
We restore it! Take back your own life and future—
Take it now. Join hands with brothers and sisters
In every city and town. Unite your hearts and spirits.
  Then, all the people shouted boldly, "So be it forever!"
All the people everywhere sang louder than the roaring sea.
They took back their precious world, their holy heritage,
Their palace and nursery, their garden and their treasure!
  Defy them not," declared the Spirit of the Universe.
"Stand not in their way—Justice must prevail!"
"For Freedom shall thrive in the latter rain."
"And none shall shackle my beloved again!"
Copyright © 1900, 2005 by Margot Motherchurch
*Truly I do not understand much about Margot's relationship to the Underground Church in China, except to affirm that she had been there as early as the 19th Century, according to a certain authority, and that she held a special interest in the Chinese believers. Basil claims to have visited China several times with Margot and to have taken Bibles there printed in Chinese. That Margot and Basil managed to make these extraordinary visits without even leaving their place of residence proves a great mystery, as with so many things involving Basil and Margot. Perhaps more on all this later.