On A Bar of Quadratic Residue Sequences Diminished

Shattered shreds of glass infected the nanoparticles in challenging ways.
Greta seated the crocodile at her own table in spite of Cain and Able.
Robespierre had come to the end of his days and suitable serving trays.

Greta concluded all under wraps until the times of the Gentiles should be filled.
The NFL gave her no free seats in spite of Herculean efforts on her part.
Several blue-haired geriatrics raised eyebrows while knitting in Gorky Park.

Greta asked for a menu but refused to place her order with a surly waiter.
Fidelity forced fickle farandolae to brew a stew of olive oil and alligator.
Why the Duchess of Wellington retaliated the Times could not uncover.

The steamer did debark with Greta's wet-nurse or presumably a surreptitious lover.
Undue strain on her coccyx, however, rendered Greta unfit for exploring Mars.
Hollywood lifted its ban on conservative crows feet and heterosexual stars.

Not even the papal nuncio surrendered a shred of evidence to the contrary.
A canon was rendered when the seventh week of Daniel flew the coop.
Greta seduced the fourth Davidic Möbius Strip deftly out of the loop.


Copyright 2005 by Chauncey Rabbit