It was a dark and stormy night! Unaware that anyone else was in the room, I worked feverishly upon my verse, when all of a sudden, Chauncey Rabbit hopped across the floor, holding a piece of carrot cake in one hand and a long threatening fork in the other, and landed kerplunkt in my lap.

"I trust," Chauncey said, with a feiry glint in his pink little eyes, "that you will be so kind as to recall the august presence of two other poets in the house."

"You are not exactly in my house, dear bunny," I reflected. "You are in my neighborhood, but not in my house."

To make a long story short, the good rabbit, between fork at my throat and twitching nose and whiskers in my face, managed to convince me that it would be ever so generous if I were to publish not only my own poesy, but also that of one Chauncey Rabbit, hare extraordinaire, and one Basil Tuxaxle, rare bird indeed. Which is why, if you haven't figured it out by now, this pointer to other verse exists.

To determine who wrote each poem, one may inspect the copyright. Thus this appropriate clue will indicate who the artist—er, author—may be, whether the hare or the "hobbit."

I wish merely that I will not be sorry for giving in to the bunny so easily. Indulge Chauncey and Basil if it pleases you to do so. Basically, they're harmless. One hopes.       —RER 10-22-05
  Etudes in C Minor                
  Attic Windows                
  Something Written By a Very Unruly Hare                
  More by the Same Perspicacious Bunny                
  Something That Only an Extremely Strange Rabbit Could Pen                
  The Song of Mekada [a dubious translation]                
  With Any Luck [Basil on statistics—I think. Well, maybe.]                
  Sonata for Wind Quartet                
  We Lost It with Melanchthon                
  At Island Beach State Park [Bad, bunny! Bad, bad bunny!]                
  The Underground Church [a poem by Margot]                
  On A Bar of Quadratic Residue Sequences Diminished [Get a grip, Chauncey!]                
  The Contract [O'Hare thinks he's Anonymous]                
  Consolida Regalis [Very bad bunny!]