Consolida Regalis  
  Shadows of strings
Catapult back and forth
Beyond transmutations of Poof on the Roof
And other stories from East of Northwoofington.
Smell the wind weave dreadlocks with sovereign colors.
  Bosoms and hedgehogs force hegemony on photons and futons,
Crisscrossing at higher levels than agitato adjured.
Such is the inflorescence of the theoretical phlebotomist,
Where black holes aggregate in the blood
And jackhammers roost lightly West of Henslanding.
  Excoriating the celebrated Clothed Aardvarks Dancing
Meets Jersey Boys Singing,
Critics cawed Aardvarks outstripped all contenders,
Both North of Eastcoppersklein and South of Westhotwings.
It’s all the same to larkspur. Feel them twitching.
Copyright © 2011 Chauncey Rabbit